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Introducing Whitehorse Village at the top of Melbourne’s mountain

An alpine village at the top of Mt Buller, Melbourne’s mountain. Whitehorse Village in the most exclusive drive in, ski out village in the Australian Alps. Mt Buller boasts the most significant Alpine village and is the most easily accessible mountain in the country. Only a handful of Chalets are available within Whitehorse Village, complete with majestic views forever.


Designed around light and form each floor offers a unique aspect of the mountain. The metal-clad upper floors hover over a solid stone and masonry base, anchoring each chalet to the ground. A private road and drive-in garages give the ultimate convenience of access. The garages also offer space for ski and equipment storage and ski tuning.


WHV1 Chalet 1
WHV1 Chalet 2
WHV1 Chalet 3
WHV2 Chalet 1
WHV2 Chalet 2
WHV2 Chalet 3
WHV3 Chalet 1
WHV3 Chalet 2
WHV3 Chalet 3
WHV4 Chalet 1
WHV4 Chalet 2
WHV4 Chalet 3
WHV5 Chalet 1
WHV5 Chalet 2
WHV5 Chalet 3

An alpine village at the top of Mt Buller. Melbourne’s mountain.

Whitehorse Village launched this season, purchase a block of land and build your own chalet or buy a completed chalet. Whitehorse will appeal to all people who appreciate the mountain aesthetic, but in particular it will be welcomed by established Mt Buller people, generational buyers who can see themselves here with their children and maybe their grandchildren, with room to move on the mountain’s most remarkable location.



General Enquiries

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To be part of this limited collection of chalets located at the top of Mt Buller, please contact:

John Castran
0411 502 424

Martin Ansell
0408 555 056

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